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DIY Backyard Designs

05 May , 2020

DIY Backyard Designs

The summer is a great season to be outside, even when the sun is down for the night. Summer nights are warmer than they are at other times of the year, making your backyard a safe and enjoyable space to have fun and spend time with friends and family. When it starts to get dark though, it is important to have lighting to make your yard even more enjoyable. 

Backyard lighting can allow you and your loved ones to stay entertained even after it gets dark in the summertime. They can also help to keep you and your loved ones safe when enjoying the outside air. LED lights, especially, can upgrade the ambience and feel of your backyard. Keep reading to learn how to provide quality lighting to your backyard space as this summer approaches.

LED Wall Packs

LED wallpacks are security lights best suited for residential outdoor usage, such as near entryways, building perimeters, and front and back porches. Wallpacks can either come as large LED flood lights, general wallpacks, or as miniature LED wallpacks that come with less harsh brightness. Wallpacks can illuminate backyards more effectively than deck lights or path lights. They can also be exceptional at deterring both animals and human threats.

LED wallpacks offered by PrimeLights are rather easy to install and many of our models come with energy saving capabilities as well. In order to last as long as possible, LED wallpacks by PrimeLights are manufactured to be waterproof and resistant to all forms of precipitation.

Area Security Lights

If you are in the market specifically for lighting options that can protect your backyard from trespassers and unlawful visitors, area security lights can be the best choice to make. These high powered lighting fixtures provide excellent security lighting to residential properties and entryways, yet they are also well suited for commercial uses. These multiple uses are indicative of the amount of light area security lights can project.

PrimeLights offers area security lights that feature dusk-to-dawn sensors, wide range of operating temperatures, no audible hum or sound, and energy efficiency traits. Some of our models even host a 60,000 hour LED lifespan and come with free shipping.

Final Thoughts

There are many lighting options to improve and light your backyard, however, only certain lights are built to promote safety for you and your loved ones as you enjoy your backyard in the nighttime. PrimeLights has the LED lighting options you need to upgrade your yard for entertaining during the long summer nights. We have easy-to-install options available to keep the installation process as stress-free and simple as possible. We also offer LED lights that are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and energy efficient. If you’re ready to take your backyard space to the next level this summer, contact PrimeLights today!

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