About PrimeLights’ LED Strip Lights & Troffers

Our LED strip light fixtures use less energy and last longer than their fluorescent counterparts, making them a great product for garages, warehouses, or anywhere else where professional-grade lighting is needed. 

Our troffers, in contrast, feature a low-profile design as well as moderately diffused light. Paired with LEDs, they offer clean light that’s soft and low-glare—perfect for maintaining focus for long hours. Quick and easy to install, their the perfect lighting solution for schools, offices, hospitals, and retail stores. 

Get Your Strip Lights & Troffers from PrimeLights

At PrimeLights, we offer a wide variety of lighting solutions for a range of uses. So many, in fact, that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by our inventory. If you need assistance knowing what lights are best for you and your applications, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our of our team members would be happy to provide a custom recommendation based on your specific needs. Contact us today