About Hazardous Location Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to building safety, “hazardous locations” are defined as those near a concentration of fuel (including flammable gas, liquid, dust, or fibers) that when exposed to high temperatures, can easily ignite or combust. Commercial buildings, such as large warehouses and processing facilities, may be susceptible to these conditions, and when they are, must adhere to certain requirements defined by the National Electric Code (NEC).

Hazardous Location Lighting Fixtures refer to lighting fixtures that meet these requirements. Built to withstand exposure to high amounts of heat, as well as humidity, dust, or various vapors, these lights are considered safe to use in all hazardous locations.

What Are Explosion Proof Lights?

Explosion proof lights are a special type of hazardous location lighting fixture that is specifically designed for environments where gas, vapors, and other dangerous elements are present, and where explosions are a real concern. Housed in an ultra durable vapor tight enclosure, these lights are designed and tested to ensure they don’t initiate an explosion—such as when exposed to high temperatures or to arcing contacts. This ensures they’re not only safe for use in hazardous locations, but won’t be a hazard in themselves. Certain fixtures can also contain the blast itself—providing a safeguard against the total loss of your equipment or fixtures. 

Explosion Proof Vs. Shatterproof: What’s the Difference?

Many people tend to conflate explosion proof lights with shatter-resistant fixtures, when they’re actually two different types of lights. Shatterproof lights are lights made with shatter resistant lens made to stop the fixture from shattering when exposed to high heat. These are commonly seen in places with high heat but not where flammable gasses or vapors are present. An explosion proof fixture, in contrast, is made for areas where hazardous gasses and flammable materials are present, and where explosions are more likely to occur. 

About PrimeLights Explosion Proof LED Lights

Our LED explosion proof lights are built to provide maximum illumination and safety within potentially hazardous commercial locations—such as oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, laboratories, and fabrication workshops—where ignitable gasses and vapors are present. These LEDs have fully-sealed housing that make them safe for use in the most extreme environments, with durable, LED bulbs for long-lasting and energy-efficient illumination. 

Furthermore, our explosion proof lighting fixtures meet the highest standards for construction and performance quality, and meet various classifications for both hazardous zoning and division requirements. Paired with our 5 year warranty on all explosion proof lights, you can rest assured knowing our explosion proof fixtures will last without any issues whatsoever.

Get Your Hazardous & Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures From PrimeLights

At PrimeLights, we don’t take safety lightly. That’s why we provide top-notch customer service to help get your questions answered, and—when it comes to hazardous and explosion proof lighting fixtures—work with our customers to ensure they find the best solution for their needs.

Simply give us an idea of the layout of your hazardous location and the conditions you're working with, and we’ll work with you to provide a custom recommendation that meets the requirements set by the NEC. Our team of commercial lighting solution experts would be happy to work with you over the phone or online to discuss your project requirements and any other concerns you may have.

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Get Your Refinery Lights From PrimeLights!

Searching for refinery lights for a gas, oil, or metal refinery?

As you probably already know, refineries are made up of an intricate web of pipelines, compressors, furnaces, and electrical panels—not to mention hundreds of civil and chemical engineers who handle maintenance, inspections, and operations. Refineries also often operate 24/7, 365-days a year—with many around-the-clock operators on staff. Given the abundance of tasks that can be assigned for any hour of the day, areas need to be well lit constantly—to ensure safe work from dusk to dawn.

If you’re looking for refinery LED lighting for your facility, our explosion-proof, hazardous location lights are perfect for the job. Made using state-of-the-art LEDs in an ultra-durable construction, they’ll never break, crack, or burst when exposed to high-heat, humidity, gasses, or dust.

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