What Are Wall Packs & Flood Lights?

LED wall packs are building lights made for exterior use that are commonly mounted on the outside facing walls of buildings, with multiple fixtures dispersed on each wall. Flood lights, in contrast, will generally light up a larger surface area than wall packs, so you’ll need less of them to provide the same amount of light. They’re great for use around ground areas frequented by vehicles and pedestrians, as they provide bright, even illumination without overdoing it.

The Benefits of LED Wall Pack Lights

Wall pack lights have come a long way in recent years, and good thing too. Once made using sodium vapor lamps, wall packs used to only emit a very yellow, monochromatic glow, which, unfortunately, rendered color poorly and provided very little, if any, light. Now that they’re made using LED lamps, LED wall packs are not only flicker-free, but provide brighter light that’s more energy-efficient, and lasts longer than all other kinds of wall packs.

The Benefits of Outdoor LED Flood Lights

If you want outdoor lights that shine as bright as day—from dusk to dawn—you’ll never go wrong with LED outdoor flood lights. Here’s why: LED flood lights provide intense light over a wide area with a single fixture, making them an excellent choice for lighting up larger areas. They also mount easily, are weather-proof, shine brighter than traditional flood lights, and consume less energy. And, since they’re so well built, they’ll last for years without replacement.

About PrimeLights’ LED Wall Pack & Flood Lighting Fixtures

Whether you want extra illumination around your building or warehouse, or simply desire an extra layer of security surrounding your home, PrimeLights selection of top-quality LED wall packs and LED flood lights can do it. These durable outdoor lights can be easily mounted to an exterior building or wall, providing evenly-distributed lighting and all the aforementioned benefits of light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

If you’re looking for outdoor security lights that you can leave on for hours while you sleep soundly, get your LED wall packs and LED flood lights from PrimeLights!

Why PrimeLights?

PrimeLights is a trusted, nationwide supplier of LED lighting solutions, and makes it our business to provide the very best lights for all kinds of applications. Our vast selection of outdoor lights encompasses everything from those designed for parking facilities and entry ways, to walls and overhangs—ensuring you find the right lighting solution for your needs. You’ll also find a variety of brands and models, ranging from adjustable LED flood lights and swivels to one-piece wall-mounts. We even provide a few motion sensor flood lights—capable of turning themselves on at night and off during the day or when they sense motion.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of residential and commercial LED flood lights and wall packs, or to speak to a PrimeLights team member who can help you discover all your options!