LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

Whether you want extra illumination around your building or warehouse, or simply desire an extra layer of security surrounding your home, PrimeLights selection of top-quality LED wall packs can do it. These durable outdoor lights can be easily mounted to an exterior building or wall, providing evenly-distributed lighting around the grounds.

Get Your LED Wall Pack Lighting Products From PrimeLights

Our vast selection of wall packs encompasses everything from those designed for parking facilities and entry ways, to walls and overhangs, ensuring you’ll find the lighting solution you need no matter what the application. You’ll also find a variety of makes and models, ranging from adjustable flood lights and swivels to one-piece wall-mounts. We even provide a few with built-in sensors—capable of turning off themselves during the day. Finally, all PrimeLights wall packs are LEDs—as opposed to sodium vapor lights—ensuring maximum efficiency and absolutely no flickering.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of LED wall packs, and speak to a PrimeLights team member who can help you discover all your options!