What are Acorn Street Globes?

A staple in many downtown boulevards and historic districts, as well as parks and school campuses, acorn street globes attach to a variety of street light fixtures, and work well with LEDs, HIDs, and incandescent bulbs. 

About PrimeLights’ Acorn Street Globes

At PrimeLights, we’re all about durability. That’s why our replacement acorn globes are guaranteed to last—and are warranted for up to five years. Many of them are even made from indestructible plastic and will withstand all kinds of elements—including heavy rain and snow, intense heat, or hail. Best of all, ours come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes—so you can take your pick from the very best!

Unsure which acorn street globe is right for you? Contact us to speak to a friendly PrimeLights team member who can give you a custom recommendation.