About PrimeLights’ Commercial Stairwell Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting commercial spaces, nothing is more important than having ample and reliable illumination—particularly in spaces like stairwells and stairways. After all, stairs are an essential element of any commercial property, providing both a reliable means up, down, in, and out of a building. Moreover, an absence of proper stairwell lighting can cause potentially serious accidents and even encourage crime—putting your business at risk.

Our collection of LED stairwell lights was made to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of commercial properties, so that you can find the lights you need to keep your occupants safe. From hotels and resorts to factories and multi-story warehouses, we have the lights you need to completely eliminate all your safety concerns and ensure proper visibility for your employees, customers, residents, and guests.

LED Stairwell Emergency Lighting Fixtures

Stairwells are often the most reliable and safest way out of a building. Which makes having bright, reliable stairwell emergency lights not just a ‘nice to have,’ but a major requirement. In order to provide critical guidance for occupants hoping to exit the building, directional emergency exit signs are of critical importance. In fact, not only are they absolutely necessary to preserve human life, but they’re also required by law.

While simple emergency exit signs are effective, they often fall short when it comes to illuminating the area around them. That’s why we provide emergency exit signs and as well as emergency exit combo lights, to complete our stairwell emergency lighting collection. Made using ultra-bright white LEDs and top-quality materials, these lights are warrantied for up to five years and meet national, state and local lighting codes.

Vapor Tight Stairwell Lights

When smoke, heat, and other fumes leak throughout a building, doors to stairways are often left open, causing the stairway itself to fill with gas and/or heat. In building code parlance, “stairwell pressurization” is an important fire safety measure, made to help control the amount of smoke and/or heat that enters a stairwell. By taking steps to ensure that your stairwells’ internal pressure is greater than the rest of the building, smoke that would otherwise enter your stairwell can be pushed back into a lesser pressurized hallway. This can keep the escape route smoke-free.

While stairwell pressurization can certainly help create a barrier to cut down on smoke and keep your stairwell safe, it also means your stairwell’s internal pressure needs to be elevated at all times. That’s why we provide our own vapor tight stairwell lights—to ensure you find the right lights to keep your occupants and stairwells safe.

Made for the most corrosive of environments, your vapor tight stairwell lights will never burst or break under high pressure or when exposed to high heat or various gasses, and are waterproof and flame-resistant too. Made with energy-efficient LEDs, they consume up to 80% less energy than incandescent lights, and provide more light.