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What is 14 2 Romex Wure 50 ft?

28 Apr , 2024

Romex?  Is it the real deal?  Why?  Or is something else better? 

Enhance your home's electrical system with our top-quality 14/2 Romex wire, a vital component for any residential wiring project. This versatile cable features two robust 14-gauge conductors—one black (hot) and one white (neutral)—along with a bare copper ground wire, all securely encased in a durable, non-metallic PVC sheath. Ideal for indoor use, our 14/2 Romex wire is UL listed and adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring it meets all local electrical codes. With a voltage rating of up to 600 volts and a 15-amp capacity, it is perfect for powering lighting, general receptacles, and light to medium load circuits. The flexible design allows for easy installation through studs and joists, making it an excellent choice for DIY projects and professional installations alike. Upgrade your home’s safety and functionality with our reliable and cost-effective 14/2 Romex wire, the preferred choice for electrical professionals and homeowners. Choose our trusted product for your next project to ensure a safe, efficient, and code-compliant electrical system in your home.

14/2 Romex wire is a common type of electrical cable used primarily in residential wiring. The name "Romex" is often used generically but originally refers to a brand of non-metallic (NM) sheathed cable. Here are the detailed specifications and common uses for 14/2 Romex wire:

  1. Composition:

    • Conductors: The "14/2" designation indicates that the cable has two 14-gauge conductors, typically one black (hot) and one white (neutral).
    • Ground Wire: There is also a bare copper ground wire included within the sheath.
    • Sheathing: The conductors and ground wire are encased in a non-metallic sheath, which is usually made from a durable plastic like PVC.
  2. Electrical Ratings:

    • Voltage Rating: 14/2 Romex is typically rated for up to 600 volts, but for household wiring, it is most commonly used in circuits with a 120-volt supply.
    • Amperage Capacity: This wire can safely carry up to 15 amps, making it suitable for most light to medium load circuits such as lighting and general receptacles in residential construction.
  3. Physical Characteristics:

    • Wire Diameter: The outer diameter of the cable sheath is approximately 0.36 inches, though this can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.
    • Flexibility: While sturdy, NM cable is designed to be flexible enough to run through holes in studs and joists in homes.
  4. Installation Considerations:

    • Indoor Use: Romex is designed for dry, indoor environments and should not be used where it will be exposed to moisture or outside elements.
    • Code Compliance: Always check local electrical codes and requirements since some areas have specific rules regarding the use of NM cable.
  5. Safety and Code Compliance:

    • UL Listing: Romex wire is typically UL listed, ensuring it meets safety standards.
    • Color Coding: Modern Romex cables are color-coded by size; for example, 14-gauge typically has a white outer sheath.
  6. Common Applications:

    • Residential Wiring: It is used for general-purpose wiring in residential buildings for outlets, switches, and other loads not exceeding the ampacity limit.
    • Light Fixtures: Suitable for wiring overhead lights and other fixtures that require a 15-amp circuit.

Other Names for 14/2 Romex:

This type of wire is widely used because it's economical, easy to work with, and provides adequate protection for the conductors from physical damage that might occur during or after installation.

"14/2 Romex" wire can be referred to under several different names, often based on regional preferences, generic terms, or even brand names. Here are some of the common variations and equivalent names:

NM Cable: "NM" stands for non-metallic, which is the type of sheathing used on the wire. This is a general term that can apply to any gauge of non-metallic sheathed wire.

Residential Cable: Sometimes simply referred to based on its primary use in residential electrical systems.

NMB Cable: This specifies that the non-metalic cable includes a bare ground wire. The "B" often stands for "bare" or "with ground".

UF Cable: While technically different due to its underground feeder capabilities, some might casually refer to indoor-rated NM cable like 14/2 Romex when discussing general wiring projects. Note: UF cable is for different applications and has a moisture-resistant covering.

Indoor Electrical Wire: A generic term often used in hardware stores or by non-professionals.

House Wire: Another colloquial term focusing on its common application within residential buildings.

While "Romex" is a brand name owned by Southwire, it has become a generic term much like "Kleenex" for tissue. When purchasing or specifying, it's essential to know that these terms refer to similar types of wire, though some specifications like with UF cable, may differ based on specific use-cases or requirements. Always check the specifications to ensure the correct type of wire is used for your particular application.

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