About UFO High Bay Lights

Looking for energy-efficient LED UFO High Bay Lights for your factory, warehouse, or industrial space? Our collection of UFO lights is made of the best ufo high bay lights around. Featuring LED bulbs that consume less energy than traditional metal halide fixtures, and that shine brighter too, they’re a terrific option for any commercial space with high ceilings. Browse our lights or scroll down to learn more below.

What's with the name?

UFO lights are named after their round saucer-shape—a design which helps them transfer light more evenly—for a light that covers a wider surface area. This makes them great for open areas, like factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, sports arenas, and even grocery stores.

What's Great About LED UFO High Bay Lights?

Our LED UFO high bay light fixtures are both extremely energy-efficient and long-lasting. They produce more lumens per watt than all other types of high bay lights, including induction lights, metal halide lights, and fluorescent lights, while remaining cool to the touch when on. The lamps are also guaranteed to last for up to five years, however they typically last for much longer, and the LED bulbs need to be replaced far less often. Finally, they’re also wet/damp listed, ensuring they’ll last in the wettest of conditions, such as in processing plants or car washes.

Can I Use Them To Replace My Metal Halide UFO Lights?

Yes. Generally speaking, you should be able to replace your lights 1 for 1 with our LED UFO high bays, assuming they’re evenly spaced 400 square feet apart. For a more accurate layout, use our commercial lighting calculator or contact us today.

Get Your UFO LED High Bay Light Fixtures From PrimeLights

At PrimeLights, we never compromise on our products. That’s why our line of Prime Round LED UFO high bay lights are the best on the market for both durability and performance. 

Built to last, they come with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours as well as a 5-year warranty on the complete fixture including the LEDs. They’re also UL Listed, as well operational between -4 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that’ll last in whatever environment you install them in. Finally, with a lumen output of between 19,500 and 31,200 lumens, they’ll shine brighter, while consuming less energy, than any light you replace them with!

What Makes Our Prime Round UFO Lights Even Better?

Our Prime Round UFO Bay lights are significantly lighter than traditional UFO high-bays, and contribute more output (over 140 per watt), providing bright-white light that’s evenly distributed. They last longer too (again, up to 50,000 hours!)—ensuring minimal upkeep and replacement, and saving you money in the process. Some are also dimmable—allowing you to cut down on costs even more!

Built to last and resistant to extreme temperatures, they’re a must-have lighting solution for warehouses, machine shops, workshops, farms, ranches and more. 

Contact PrimeLights to learn more about our line of Prime Round UFO High Bay lights or to speak to a team member who can help you discover your options!