About Our Vapor Tight LED Lights

At PrimeLights, we have a deep understanding of the different conditions present in commercial settings across countless industries. That’s why we work so hard to provide the very best  selections of lights for many different types of applications, including our Vapor Tight LED lights. Perfect for oil rigs, dockside businesses, construction sights, and anywhere else where high levels of humidity, moisture, dust and vapors are present, vapor tight lights are designed with silicone seals and corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the wettest and most corrosive conditions.

Why LEDs? While there are many different types of vapor tight lights available, it’s clear that LED lighting is the lamp of the future. In fact, LED light fixtures use 80-85% less energy when compared to a standard incandescent light, and are brighter and more durable too. For bright and energy efficient lighting in humid, wet, or dusty locations, choose a LED vapor tight light from PrimeLights.

PrimeLights Has The Right Vapor Tight LED Lights For Your Business

Need Vapor Tight LED Lights for your business? PrimeLights offers one of the widest selections of vapor tight LEDs available online!

As experts in commercial lighting, we’re familiar with the many different lighting needs and requirements of commercial businesses, and can help you match the right lights with the right application and location. Simply give us an idea of your business and its unique layout, uses, and lighting requirements, and we’ll provide an expert recommendation for a specific light.

Whether you need vapor tight LED lights for your business, or simply need something that’s waterproof or flame-resistant, we can help you find the perfect lights for your business.

For your commercial vapor tight LED lights, choose PrimeLights!