About PrimeLights’ Equine Lighting Products

Equestrian enthusiasts ourselves, PrimeLights is happy to provide a hefty collection of first-rate equine lighting products, including horse barn lights and stall lights. Our energy-efficient LED lights provide bright, even light with no heat, making them perfect for use in horse stalls, grooming areas, hay and grain storage, mare motels, and other areas. Furthermore, our high-output equine arena lighting products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor arenas of all sizes.

Concerned about safety? We are too! That’s why all our products are UL listed (ensuring they’re safe to use by industry-standards) as well as NSF certified (meaning, safe for you—and your horses’—health). Many of them are also IP-66 rated (ensuring they offer the highest waterproof protection possible) and energy star certified (meaning they meet the EPA’s most strict of energy performance standards.) Trust us to keep you (and your animals) happy, healthy, and safe. 

Shop Equine Arena Lighting Fixtures & Indoor Riding Arena Lighting

Own an equine arena or indoor riding arena? Want to replace your lights with bright, energy-efficient LEDs? We’re happy to provide commercial grade lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor equine riding arenas. Our LED light fixtures are made using the most reliable and safest of parts, and require very little maintenance once installed. Contact us today for assistance finding the perfect lights for your setup!

Get all your Equine Lighting Products from PrimeLights

Not sure what lighting product is best for your area? Whether you need a classic equine light for your grooming stalls, feed areas or boarding stables, or energy-efficient LEDs for your equine riding areas—we have it. Contact us today and we’ll recommend specific fixtures based on your unique needs and space size, and help answer any other questions you might have about our excellent lighting products.

Contact us today to get started finding the perfect lighting fixtures for your property!