About PrimeLights Motion Activated Shop Lights

Looking for a way to light up your shop and save money on your utility bill? Look no further than our LED motion sensor shop lights! These energy efficient LEDs provide bright, even lighting while emitting very little heat, making them perfect for productivity and safety. And with motion sensors and custom timers built-in, they’ll come on when needed, and turn off—quietly and automatically—when you exit the room. Plus, with next to no maintenance required, they're practically hassle-free. 

Browse our entire collection of outstanding motion sensor shop lights to add convenient, automatic light to every room of your shop!

The Benefits of Our Motion Detection LED Shop Lights

Commercial-Grade Shop Lights 

At PrimeLights, we uphold the highest standards for all our products, and test each of them for optimal performance and safety. All of our motion activated shop lights are UL listed (ensuring they’re safe to use by industry-standards) as well as NSF certified (meaning, safe for your health). Many of them are also CSA certified, as well. 

What’s more, our LED tubes have their own internal drivers, so you’ll never have to worry about external ballasts or drivers, and come with a 5-year warranty. They can also be either chain mounted or direct mounted, and, best of all, are made in the U.S.A. 

Maximum Convenience

Our motion activated shop lights don’t need a switch to turn on—meaning you can focus on the job without having to worry about the lights. In fact, they might even make you more productive as a result. 

Outstanding Cost-Savings

Motion shop lights can save you a lot of money—especially when installed in medium to low traffic rooms like storage rooms, utility closets, and bathrooms. Our LED motion shop lights can save you even more—by pairing the convenience of motion-activation lights with the energy-efficiency of modern LEDs. This can reduce your electricity consumption by as much as 70%—making them more than worth the cost of installing them. 

Superb Safety & Security

Its well known lights can deter burglars, but keeping your lights on all night can be costly. Motion activated LED shop lights can help with this—both by only turning on when they detect movement—and, when activated, starting would-be intruders with bright blinding light. In fact, the one-two punch combo of ‘startle and blind’ might be all you need to prevent trespassers from even thinking about trying to get inside.

Get Help Selecting Your LED Motion Shop Lights!

We’re proud to offer free light fixture consulting for all our customers—complete with computerized lighting layout assistance. If you need help finding the perfect motion detection shop lights for your shop, give us a call today. We can recommend specific fixtures based on your unique needs and layout, and ensure you find the perfect lighting solutions for your shop.