About Stingray® Commercial High Bay LED Lights

PrimeLights proudly offers our Stingray® line of commercial lights as our primary high bay commercial light fixture. Perfect for garages, workshops, and offices, they can be hung or flush-mounted directly to the ceiling. And with replaceable clear or frosted LED T8 bulbs included, they'll last as long as 50,000 hours. They're also brighter than traditional incandescent lights, and consume up to 85% less energy!

Get Your Commercial High Bay Lights from PrimeLights

At PrimeLights, we make buying commercial lighting easy. We’re experts when it comes to commercial lighting solutions, and we’ve helped countless businesses brightly illuminate their commercial buildings. Not sure what Stingray® light is right for you? One of our team members would be happy to discuss your setup and walk you through some potential solutions. Contact us today to speak to a PrimeLights staff member!