What Are Outdoor Landscape Lights?

Outdoor landscape lights are exactly what they sound like—lights used to illuminate an outdoor landscape, such as backyard, front yard, walkway, pathway, or anything in between. This not only accentuates your yard—highlighting its very best features—reduces the risk of accidents, such as trips, falls, and collisions, when the sun goes down.

About PrimeLights Landscape Lights

Made using low-voltage lights that connect to your home’s electrical wiring, our landscape lights are not only safe for use around children and pets, but conveniently switch on and stay on whenever you want. They’re also built tough, and are designed to be waterproof and resistant to dirt, mud, and grime, ensuring they can withstand frequent rainfall or your sprinkler systems.

About Our LED Landscape Lights

All of our landscape lights are also made using state-of-the-art LEDs, making them extremely energy-efficient and exceptionally long-lasting. You can leave them all night for years without replacement, while using a fraction of the energy required to power other types of lights.

Want even more features?

Our state of the art smart tree accent lights are smart in the truest sense—featuring motion-activated technology (for extra security), as well as the ability to control brightness and temperature from your phone. They’re also capable of grouping and zoning, astronomical timing, and even music interaction, making them the perfect way to play up your yard from dusk to dawn.

Choose PrimeLights for Your Landscaping Lights!

If you’ve been looking for a lighting solution for your yard, entrance way, or pathway, you can’t go wrong with lights from PrimeLights. Here’s why: not only are we the most trusted, nationwide supplier of LED lighting solutions, but we stand by the quality of products and the results they deliver. That’s why all our landscape lights feature a five-year warranty on all parts, as well as easy and free returns for up to 30 days post purchase. If you want the best landscaping lights for your yard, backed by a company you can trust, choose PrimeLights for your lights today!

Need assistance? Our team of lighting experts would be happy to provide you with product recommendations based on your lighting needs. Contact us today to speak to a PrimeLights team member who can help you find the perfect light for your yard!