Why 2 Foot Shop Lights?

2 foot shop lights are the ideal solution for providing intense, energy-efficient lighting in small, enclosed spaces. By pairing energy-efficient LED bulbs with a tight and compact enclosure, they’re able to provide daylight-white light without taking up too much space. They can also be fitted with lenses that wrap around the light source to improve spread and reduce glare—perfect for rooms that require task work.

Where are 2 Foot Shop Light Fixtures Used?

Given their slender profile and range of color temperatures, 2’ shop lights can be great in a variety of locations. Their compact size makes them a fantastic option for illuminating laundry rooms, offices, sheds, and garages, as well as basements and small workshops. Because of their versatile mounting options, 2 foot shop lights can also be used in larger locations in combination with other lights.

Why Buy 2 Foot LED Shop Lights?

2 ft LED lights are fantastic lights all on their own, but can be excellent when used as replacements for 2 foot fluorescent shop light fixtures. They also use a fraction of the energy of fluorescent fixtures, while providing even more light, and last significantly longer—requiring less maintenance. Finally, because they mount easily to ceilings (with the option to be chain hung as well) they’re easy to install, making your LED retrofit a breeze.

Get Your 2 Foot Shop Lights from PrimeLights

At PrimeLights, we provide an assortment of LED shop lights—including 2 foot, 4 foot, and 8 foot lights—to make it easy for our customers to find the shop lights they need for their space. We provide free lighting consulting for any and all spaces—including one’s where 2 foot shop lights are the best option. If you need help choosing the perfect 2 foot shop light fixture for your commercial or residential space, give us a call today for expert lighting assistance!