About Primelights' Line of Hawkeye Lighting Products

Whether you’re a mechanic, machinist, technician, or repairman, odds are your job’s bound to get dirty from time or too. Which is exactly why you need a light that’s as durable as you are. That’s where our line of Hawkeye lighting products come in. These long-lasting LED fixtures are built-tough and pack a punch—offering unbreakable polycarbonate lens and housing that keeps dust, debris, and bugs out. Made from LED lamps, they’re also energy-efficient, and won’t heat your room with consistent use—all while keeping your garage or shop evenly lit.

For added protection, our selection of vapor tight products come with heat-resistant lenses that won’t break, even when exposed to hazardous gases, vapors, or liquids. They’re also sealed tight to keep moisture out, even when washed down, and are built to last in even the most demanding locations.

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