About Retail Lights

If you own a retail store, grocery store or manage a department store, then you already know how important it is to have good lighting. Not only does it create a better impression of your store itself, but it can also help your customers navigate more easily. What’s more, with insufficient lighting a common cause of below average foot traffic and basket size (as well as above average rates of shrink), proper retail store lighting isn't just a nice-to-have, but an absolute necessity. 

That’s why we recommend our LED lighting fixtures for all kinds of retail environments with aisles including shopping malls, department stores, grocery stores, sporting goods stores and wholesale clubs. Here’s why:

The Benefits of LED Retail Lighting

Bright, Even Light

One reason why LED lights for retail stores are a better option than traditional fixtures is because they produce a brighter, more intense light than other types of lights that are great for browsing, and discouraging theft. They also don't buzz or flicker either—which can be distracting for customers—and instead, provide a constant, evenly-distributed flow of light—perfect for displaying your products.

Lower Overhead

If you’re looking for retail lighting fixtures that’s both energy efficient and long lasting, LED high bays are the best choice. LED lights consume less energy than other types of lighting and don't produce wasted heat. This means they’ll last longer while consuming less energy—effectively lowering your overhead.

Greater Comfort

Finally, LED retail lights don't give off as much heat as other types of lighting, making them a great choice for keeping your store cool and comfortable for your customers. What’s more, with less heat in your store, your AC won’t have to work as hard—lowering your utility bill even more.

Get the Best LED Retail Lighting from PrimeLights!

Are you looking for a retail lighting solution that’s bright, durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting? Look no further than PrimeLights’ collection of top quality retail LED lights! Our lights are some of the brightest and most durable on the market, and have been manufactured for commercial lighting requirements. They won't break when exposed to dust, debris, dirt, or low or high temperatures - while providing bright, even light in any retail environment. Shop now and experience the best in retail lighting!

Looking for a retail light fixture that can do it all? 

Look no further than our Stingray® High Bay LED Lights! Made of commercial grade heavy duty steel and the brightest, most energy-efficient LEDs available anywhere, these lights are the absolute best on the market for safety and performance! They can be hung or flush-mounted directly to the ceiling, and include replaceable clear or frosted LED bulbs to accommodate any environment. Finally, with a life expectancy of 40+ years, plus a 5-year warranty, they're built to last—and may be the last retail fixture you’ll ever need!

Order your Stingray® Commercial Retail Lighting Fixtures today or contact a PrimeLights team member for more information!