What Are 8 Foot Shop Lights?

8 Foot Shop Lights are strip lights that measure exactly 8 feet. With energy-efficient and bright as day LEDs, they consume less energy than fluorescent bulbs while providing brighter, more uniform light. They also turn on instantly, and never flicker or emit heat, and won’t degrade over time.

The Benefits of 8 Foot LED Shop Lights

Cost-Effective & Ideal for Larger Areas

8 foot LED shop light fixtures make a great alternative to 8 foot fluorescent shop lights, as they’re both brighter and more energy-efficient.

Need ample light distribution throughout a large space? Our 8 foot shop lights provide uniform illumination across a wide surface area, making them perfect for workshops, garages, factories and retail floors, as well as pole barns, auto shops, and more.

Less Upkeep

Thanks to their strong construction and longer lasting lamps, 8 foot shop lights need far less maintenance than other types of fixtures, and are a joy to both own and use. They’re also extremely easy to mount and install—relative to their size—ideal for those who are short on time.

About Our 8 Foot LED Shop Lights

Our 8 foot shop BOLT lighting fixtures are nothing short of the best 8 foot LED shop lights around. Here’s why: Our 8 foot light fixtures provide clear, bright light using energy-efficient LEDs, and are manufactured using heavy-duty 24 gauge steel, finished with a white post painted baked-on enamel. They can be surface mounted, or chain or cable hung, and are ready for hard wire install as well. You can also choose between 4 and 6 lamp options, 2 lumen tiers, and either clear or frosted flicker-free bulbs.

Our LED bulbs are one of a kind as well. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, you can leave them on for 4 hours a day and expect them to last for more than 40 years. They’re also environmentally friendly and, with shatterproof polycarbonate lamps, virtually indestructible too.

Choose PrimeLights for your 8 foot LED shop lights and experience the unbeatable efficiency, brightness, and durability of our combined-lamp shop light products.