About PrimeLights LED Farm Lights

No matter the conditions your farm or barn is under, our farm lights are manufactured to endure the elements. That’s why some of them are shatterproof, waterproof, or vapor-tight. With energy-efficient LEDs, they’ll save you money on your energy bill and last as long as you need (50,000 hours or longer, to be exact). And they give off less heat than incandescent bulbs—making them ideal for use around livestock.

About PrimeLights LED Barn Lights

Have a barn? PrimeLights is proud to offer one of the best collections of LED barn lighting fixtures that you can find online. No matter the size or style of your barn—be it a round barn, a dutch barn, a salt barn or a gable, we have a light fixture that’s perfect for you. Use your barn to store something other than hay? Our energy-efficient LED barn lights can be used around livestock, feed and farm equipment, even tractors and motorcars! They’ll shine bright while consuming very little energy—so you rest easy keeping your lights on, for as long as you need them to, and at any time of day.

Find The Best LED Barn Lighting For Your Farm or Ranch

PrimeLights works with farm and ranch owners to help find the best LED barn lighting layout for their property. Proper barn lighting is important, from being able to see clearly while tending to livestock, to keeping the area bright for security purposes. By choosing PrimeLights for LED barn lights, our LED Shop Light Fixture Calculator explains which light fixtures, and how many light fixtures are needed based on the square footage of the barn and the height of its ceilings. Additionally, contact the team at PrimeLights online or over the phone for a FREE computerized lighting layout and fixture recommendation, entirely custom to each barn we work with. For commercial barn lights that meet the needs of your operation, PrimeLights has got you covered.

Get Your LED Farm Lights & Barn Lights with PrimeLights

To learn more about our ranch LED lights and the ways they can benefit your farm operation, contact us today. We can answer all your questions about our commercial LED lighting fixtures and can provide a custom lighting solution based on your unique needs.