About PrimeLights LED Gym Lighting

Ensuring that your gymnasium is well-lit is critical to avoiding any mishaps while your patrons are working out. With the nature of exercise equipment, heavy weights and other machinery, gymnasium light fixtures are essential to creating a safe environment for people to work out and have fun. In certain areas, there may even be laws in place that require your gym to have a sufficient amount of lighting. That’s why we provide our gymnasium light fixtures nationwide, so that you (and your patrons) can benefit from the best options on the market. Our state-of-the-art gymnasium LED light fixtures are 80% more efficient than standard incandescent lights, and are brighter too! We can ensure you properly illuminate all the areas of your gym, and save money on energy costs in the process. 

Gymnasium lighting all types of gyms!

Have a sports gym or basketball court that needs a lighting upgrade? Our gymnasium light fixtures are perfect for any and all types and sizes of gyms. Whether you're a small-town high school, a busy state college, or a local fitness center, we have the gymnasium lighting fixture for you!

Find The Best Gymnasium Lighting For Your Business

PrimeLights prides itself on our ability to help our customers find the best gymnasium light fixtures based on the layout of their business or school. Lighting is critical for a gymnasium, not only for the comfort and satisfaction of gym goers but for the overall safety of the facility, and to protect the liability of gymnasium owners. Our LED Shop Light Fixture Calculator works to find the right gymnasium light fixture for a property and estimates how many lighting fixtures are required based on ceiling height and square footage. To get more specific, contact our team online or over the phone to get a free computerized lighting layout and fixture recommendation. Get the right gymnasium LED light fixtures for your business with PrimeLights.

Contact Us for Professional Assistance

Whether you’re looking to revamp your gym lighting to make it brighter or to save money on daily energy usage, PrimeLights can help! Contact us for more information on our selection of gymnasium lighting, or to speak with a staff member who can help you find the best lighting fixture for your gym.