About PrimeLights’ LED Garage Light Fixtures

Looking for the best garage LED lights available? We’ve been there.

That’s why we offer our very own collection of top quality LED garage lights. These garage lights are the brightest, most durable, and longest-lasting on the market. Many of them have been manufactured for residential garage lighting requirements, and won’t break when exposed to dust, debris, dirt, low or high temperatures. 

With energy-efficient LEDs—they consume a whopping 40% less energy than traditional garage lighting fixtures, and since they’re made by us, they’re built to withstand the harshest of environments. Whether you want LED high bay garage lights, work lights, shop lights, or motion activated garage lights, rest assured knowing these lights are the absolute best LED garage lights money can buy. 

The Benefits of Our LED Garage Lights

Premium Quality Garage Lights

At PrimeLights, we take pride in our high standards and never compromise on our products. That’s why our line of premium garage lights are the absolute best on the market for both safety and performance. All of them are UL listed (ensuring their safe by industry-standards) and NSF certified (ensuring their safe for your health). 

Made with commercial grade, heavy duty steel, they’re also built to last, and come with a life expectancy of 40 years, plus a 5-year warranty. And, with environmentally friendly and virtually unbreakable LEDs, they’re sure to be the best (and last) lights you’ll ever need to install in your garage. For a long-lasting garage LED light fixture, PrimeLights has you covered. 

Bright, Even Light

It’s widely known that LED interior garage lights produce a brighter, more intense light than fluorescent garage lights. They won’t buzz or flicker—distracting you from your work—and instead produce a constant, evenly-distributed flow of light. Perfect for working in your garage (or showing off whatever’s inside it). 

Outstanding Cost-Savings

LED lights for garages consume a fraction of the energy of standard incandescent garage lights while delivering 9x the light. This makes them both eco-friendly and energy-efficient, since they’ll light up your garage while saving you money on your utility bills. In fact, by reducing your electricity consumption by just 30%, they can even make up the cost of installing them.

Superb Safety & Security

Motion activated LED garage lights are the perfect way to deter burglars from targeting your home. By turning on only when they detect movement, they can easily startle would-be intruders, while giving the impression that someone is awake and well inside your home. This can easily prevent trespassers from attempting a break in, while allowing you to rest easy knowing your home is safe and sound.

Convert Your Garage’s Fluorescent Lights to LED With PrimeLights 

Garages in the United States are typically illuminated by dingy and dull fluorescent lights, instead of bright and brilliant LED lights. Converting garage fluorescent lights to LED lighting fixtures is easy with PrimeLights. Our LED Shop Light Fixture Calculator helps customers find the right lights based on the height of the ceiling and the square footage of their garages. Additionally, our team can help you create a layout for your garage LED light fixtures when you give us a call or contact us online. Get started on converting your garage fluorescent lights to LED with PrimeLights today!

Get The Best LED Garage Lights from PrimeLights!

Need a hand finding the best LED light for your shop or garage? Use our handy garage lighting calculator to determine the best light for your space. Simply plug in your ceiling height, square footage, and exposure conditions to see a compatible LED light fixture that’s perfect for your garage. 

Have a question? Need assistance? Contact us today to speak to a PrimeLights team member who can answer all your questions and help you find the best light for your garage!