About Shatterproof Lights

Shatterproof Light Fixtures are exactly what they sound like: light fixtures and shop lights that won’t shatter when dropped or contacted. In fact, they won’t crack, break, or burst when impacted, ensuring maximum safety at all times. They're the ideal choice for keeping appliances, counters, and work areas well lit and glass-free. 

Why LED Shatterproof Lights?

Do you own a factory, warehouse, commercial kitchen, shop or garage? If you do, you probably already know about the potential risk of danger, especially if you operate heavy machinery or do a lot of moving. What you might not know is that there are many new types of lighting fixtures—shatterproof LEDs, specifically—that can not only save you money, but increase workplace safety and productivity. Here’s how:

LED Shatterproof Lights Are Safer

Shatterproof LEDs can increase workplace safety in many ways. Not only will they never shatter when impacted or dropped, but they don’t contain harmful materials like mercury, which could be harmful for your health. Moreover, because LEDs are virtually glare-proof, they’ll ensure your staff can adequately see what they’re doing, regardless of how many lights are in their vicinity.

LED Shatterproof Lights Last Longer

Did you know that the average lifespan of a standard shatterproof light bulbs is 45,000-50,000 hours? That means that they’ll last for roughly 17 years while running for 8 hours a day (and even longer if used less)—significantly longer than any other type of shatterproof fixture. 

LED Shatterproof Lighting Fixtures Save On Energy

Perhaps the greatest benefit of LEDs is their unparalleled energy-efficiency. LEDs use less power to provide more light, significantly cutting down on energy costs while offsetting their upfront costs. What’s more, because they produce directional, laser-focused light, you can get more light out of using less fixtures. If you want to save energy and save money, you can’t go wrong with your energy-efficient shatterproof LEDs! 

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