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What Is The Best LED Shop Light?

26 Jan , 2022

What’s The Best LED Light For My Shop?

It’s an age-old question that’s intrigued countless craftsmen, foremen, and workshop owners for decades. It’s also very much a myth. That’s because what’s best for one person may not be what’s best for all, and you’re unlikely to find an LED that’s better than all others, in every conceivable way.

In truth, the best LED shop light is the one that best meets your shop’s needs. Whether it’s a shatterproof shop light or a waterproof wall pack, a 4-lamp strip light or a 6-lamp highbay, the best light is what works for you.

With that in mind, here are five of a few of our very best LED shop lights—each grouped by a particular feature that makes them useful in their own unique way. Here’s to you finding the absolute best LED shop light for your needs!

5 LED Shop Lights Guaranteed to Deliver

Shatterproof LED Shop Lights

patiot led shop lights

Need an unbreakable light for those heavy-duty situations? Our Patriot LED Utility Shop Light is the perfect shop light for the job. This high-quality, durable light features wired lamp-holders with unbreakable polycarbonate lens and housing making it completely shatterproof. Plus, with 8,550 lumens of brightness and a 120° viewing angle, it's sure to illuminate even the darkest corners. It’s also certified under UL, IP 66, and Energy Star standards, and features a five-year warranty.

And, if that wasn't enough, installation is a breeze—with everything you need for surface mounting, chain hanging, or flush mounting included.

Vaportight LED Shop Lights

In search of a shop light that can withstand harsh environments filled with dust, dirt, or moisture? Our T8 LED Vaportight Fixtures feature a durable construction made up of anti-steam lamps, silicone seals, and a 20 gauge full body steel housing. What’s this mean for you? Not only does it provide bright, high-output light that’s energy-efficient, but is guaranteed to keep weather, dust, bugs, and vapors out.

Moreover, its LED tubes have their own internal drivers, so you’ll never have to worry about external drivers or ballasts, and you’ll never need to change anything inside the fixture either. And with a 5 year on the complete fixture and the LED tubes, they’re a foolproof way to provide light in even the toughest of workshop environments.

LED Shop Lights with Motion Detection

Looking for a more energy-efficient way to light your workshop, garage, or shop? Look no further than our StingRay XL motion activated shop light! This shop light fixtures turns on when you enter the room and shuts off—automatically—when you exit. Plus, it can be surface mountable or chain hangable, so it can be easily customized to fit your needs. Best of all, it features an LED output of 11,400 lumens and an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours—making it the brightest and most durable motion detection shop light you’ll ever buy!

high bay led shop lights

Dimmable LED Shop Lights

Want an LED shop light that’s durable and dimmable? Our Wildcat 225 Bay Shop Light can do it all! Featuring integrated LEDs and a 0-10V LED dimming capacity, it’s the most adaptable LED you’ll find in our store. And, with a 5000K daylight white temperature, a grade A sound rating, and 29,550 lumens—it’s the perfect light for any workplace. It even comes with a chain hang kit included so you can easily install it yourself!

Fun fact: This dimmable shop light uses up to 68% less energy than traditional T5 fluorescent lights, meaning you can save money on your energy bill while you work!

Waterproof LED Shop Lights

Looking for an LED light to provide bold, bright light in high-traffic areas outside your shop? How about one that’s waterproof and corrosion-resistant? With our 15,600 Lumen Dual Swivel Wall Pack—you can have a light that does both! Made with a die-cast aluminum enclosure that’s built to last, this high-output, energy-efficient light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s unique LED PRISM provides glare free, uniform illumination while providing a safe and comfortable visual experience. And, with not one but two swivels, it’s the ultimate LED shop light for security.

Find The Best Led Shop Lights For Your Shop

Need help finding the best LED shop lights for your shop?

At PrimeLights, we care as much about customer satisfaction as we do about our top-quality shop lights. That’s why we provide expert light fixture consulting and computerized lighting layout assistance, completely FREE. If you have any questions about our shop lights or need help finding the best LED shop lights to buy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly team members would be happy to assist!

Already know the dimensions of your shop?

Use our handy shop light fixture calculator to determine what shop light is best for your space. Simply plug in your ceiling height, square footage, and exposure conditions to see a compatible LED light fixture that’s perfect for your shop.

First time shopping with PrimeLights?

PrimeLights is a family-run business that’s committed to providing the absolute best commercial lighting products available. Our online store is designed to help browse and find the perfect lighting fixtures for your unique needs. You can easily filter and browse our lighting products by application, feature, or brand.

Moreover, most of our LED shop lights feature extremely high lumen output while being energy-efficient and certified by reputed industry standards. Made to last, many of them also come with a 5-year warranty on the complete fixture. We also provide free shipping (with no minimums), and lifetime support for every product we sell!

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The BOLT – 3 Lamp LED Shop Light – 9,300 Lumens Clear

The BOLT – 3 Lamp LED Shop Light – 9,300 Lumens Clear

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Based on 417 reviews

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LED 6 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 6XL Highbay Fixture 132 Watts Clear

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LED 6 LAMP T8 - 132 WATT COMMERCIAL SPECIFICATION GRADE LED HIGH BAY FIXTURE  Proudly made in the USA of 20 gauge American Steel, the Stingray® 6XL is a robust light fixture that will last...

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LED 4 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 4XL Highbay Fixture 88 Watt Clear

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FIXTURE MADE IN USA! COMMERCIAL SPECIFICATION GRADE Shipping: FREE, In Stock Certifications: UL Listed (fixture and lamps), NSF, Shatterproof, Contact for Rebate Info Warranty: 5 years on complete fixture including LED lamps Included Lamps: (4) Clear flicker-free, shatterproof polycarbonate (imported)...

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The BOLT 8' – 6 Lamp LED Shop Light – 18,600 Lumens CLEAR

The BOLT 8' – 6 Lamp LED Shop Light – 18,600 Lumens CLEAR

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