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Investing in LED Lights

19 Jun , 2020

Investing in LED Lights

Lighting is a major consideration that commercial enterprises must make, and LED Lights are becoming a popular alternative to the more traditional fluorescent and incandescent systems. Are LED lights worth the higher initial costs? More importantly, are they the right lights for you to invest in for your business? Let's take a closer look to see why you might answer yes to both questions.

LED Lights & Small Business Savings

Investing in a lighting system that uses LEDs can save you money every month on your electrical bill. This is possible because LED lights convert about 70% of their energy into light. Other systems use energy to generate heat and that heat is then converted into light.

This means that an LED light requires at least 75% less energy than a similarly-rated incandescent light bulb. LED lights also have a longer life than incandescent bulbs, an ability to create higher illumination, and they require fewer fixtures than traditional lighting would need. As a small business owner, these long term savings could present you with a real opportunity to minimize expenses related to your business.

LEDs Brighten Factories & Showrooms

Wattage used to be the way the industry would measure brightness for lights. LED lights are capable of emitting high levels of bright light and have contributed to the shift towards lumens, the new standard of measurement for the brightness of a light bulb. An LED light fixture can create 10 times the brightness made by an incandescent light fixture of the same rating.

This can be advantageous when you might be lighting a large area or displaying of products. These lights are also known for broadcasting light in one direction. This means that you will not lose light from diffusers and reflectors that can trap light from other types of bulbs. That means fewer lights that emit better results that your employees and customers will appreciate (as will you when it comes time to pay that monthly energy bill).

LED Lights & Construction Sites

New construction sites are often located in newly-developed areas. That can mean that lighting options closeby to these construction sites are minimal. LED fixtures can generate enough bright light to allow subcontractors to read their measurements and power tools settings clearly and provide a safer work area overall.

Mobile LED lights can even make areas brighter using fewer outlets, which might be at a premium with multiple crews using power tools. LED lights also generate far less heat, meaning that fixtures can be moved without someone getting burned. LED light fixtures do not pose any potential fire hazards when placed near materials that can catch fire from more traditional light sources.

LED Benefits for Home Service Providers

These lights are great for service providers who visit customers’ homes to do repair work. LED lights are often more compact than other lights, so they are easy to carry and can be used in tighter spaces found in crawl spaces or attics. As mentioned before, they don't generate heat so you can work under them without sweating or getting burned.

LED lights also travel well. They use diodes instead of filaments or other fragile components. An LED light can withstand vibrations in vehicles and occasional dings as you move them in and out of a residence without breaking, something other types of lights can not handle.

Home Office & Shop LEDs

Those working from home can take advantage of LED lighting in rooms that have been converted into offices or rooms reconfigured for crafts and side hustles such as leatherwork or sewing. They also make excellent sources of lighting for exterior sheds and workshops where hand and power tools are used.

Running other types of lights in your home all day long can become expensive, and those that generate a lot of heat can make working for hours in these rooms uncomfortable. LED lights address these issues while supplying your space with sufficient amounts of light and brightness.

Artists, craftspeople, and photographers can take advantage of the wide range of colors that LEDs come in. They can also purchase multiple fixtures in order to light a desk, a room, or even an entire house. There are many different ways to invest in LED lighting systems, even for those on a budget.

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The BOLT – 3 Lamp LED Shop Light – 9,300 Lumens Clear

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The BOLT 8' – 6 Lamp LED Shop Light – 18,600 Lumens CLEAR

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