480 Volt LED 6 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 6XL Highbay Fixture 132 Watts Clear

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480 Volt LED 6 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 6XL Highbay Fixture 132 Watts Clear


Proudly made in the USA of 20 gauge American Steel, the Stingray® 6XL is a robust light fixture that will last a lifetime. With a simple two screw swing away door, wiring and installation is quick and easy. The Stingray® LED High Bay does not require a ballast or external driver to run the fixture, making it virtually maintenance free. The included super durable aluminum and polycarbonate bulbs are instant on and flicker free. PrimeLights warranties every fixture and every bulb for 5 years. The Stingray® LED High Bay is one of the brightest, longest lasting, easiest to install fixtures on the market!

The LED Stingray 6 high bay shop light is a perfect solution for mid to very high ceilings. It brings daylight inside and is designed to be installed in shops, warehouses, metal buildings, arenas, sports facilities, high barns, and garages. The Stingray line has the widest range of coverage of any led fixture today. It has a classic design with the most modern technology. Being 4’ long gives it the capability of lighting a large amount of space. The LED Stingray 6 does not require a ballast nor an internal driver, accompanied by the most efficient LED's that will last decades (no more replacing bulbs). Deeming it the brightest, most dependable, maintenance free light out there.

You will never have to change anything inside the fixture. PrimeLights® warranties every fixture and every bulb for 5 years. Long lasting, durable, and bright. Made in the USA of American Steel, this is the last light fixture you will ever need!

The LED Stingray 4 & 6 lamps's are manufactured by PrimeLights and only sold by PrimeLights.

MountsSurface Mount or Chain Hang (hardware not included)
Mounting Height15’ - 30’ Recommended
Lamp LensClear
Wattage132 watts
Dimensions48” x 14” x 3.5”
Lifespan~70,000 hours
Total Weight12.5 lbs
Warranty5 years on complete fixtures and LED lamps
SpecsDownload Specs Sheet

Specs & Features

  • Voltage: 110v | 120v | 240v | 277v | Call for 480v
  • Amperage: 1.1A @ 120v | 0.48A @ 277v
  • Wattage: 132 watts
  • Energy Usage: Approx. 40% Less than T8 Fluorescent
  • Lumens/Watt: 130+
  • Lumens: 32,300 equivalent lumens (fluorescent equiv.)
  • LED Lumens: 17,995
  • Color: 5000K daylight white
  • Operating Temp: -30° to 50° C Recommended
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Base Type: G13 Medium B-Pin
  • Damp Rating: 85+ CRI
  • Bulbs: (6) Clear flicker-free, shatterproof polycarbonate LED bulbs with internal drivers - no external drivers or ballasts to maintain (imported)
  • Connection: Luminaire disconnect with 4 connection points for easy daisy chain
  • Conduit Knockouts: 7/8'' knockouts on both ends and top
  • Install Location: Damp Rated – Indoor, Outdoor Covered (no direct water)
  • Wiring: Ready for hard wire install, includes quick disconnect wire harness (plug and cord available in accessories)
  • Material: 20-Gauge cold rolled steel in baked white enamel
  • Included: Wired lamp holders & quick disconnect/premium mirrored aluminum reflector

Product Options

  • 10’ adjustable aircraft cable hangers
  • Occupancy sensor with ambient light sensor
  • 6’ standard plug & cord installed
  • Wire guard

Perfect For Numerous Applications!

  • Warehouse
  • Machine/Fab Shop
  • Farm/Ranch Barn
  • Factory
  • Auto Body & Repair
  • Woodworking Shop
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Detailing
  • Metal Building
  • Airplane Hangar
  • Garage
  • Storage Facility
  • And More!

Lighting Layouts

As a rough estimate, change these out 1 for 1 with metal halides, or approx 1 fixture per 400sf. There are many other factors in deciding the proper light level (mounting height, application / preferred light levels, building reflectivity, etc). For a professional lighting layout, please call customer service. These are no charge and only take a few minutes over the phone. Please be prepared to tell us the following: Height, mounting height, width, depth, reflectivity, and application of the building.

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