About PrimeLights’ Gas Station Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to gas station lighting, nothing matters more than having an extremely bright and stable lighting setup. Insufficient gas station or car wash lights can pose many potential hazards, including collisions and accidents, “gas and dash” crime (refueling without paying for it), vandalism and theft. Our LEDs shine brighter than other types of fixtures while also saving energy. They also don’t emit any heat—making them safer—and last significantly longer, so you can keep them on for years without having to replace them. 

Not sure what light you need for your gas station?

Gas stations are remarkably varied facilities that require an array of lighting fixtures to operate effectively. Exterior gas station lights are required to help customers operate fuel dispensers, fill up their vehicles, and navigate the area safely and efficiently, whereas interior gas station lights are needed for patrons and employees to shop inside the adjacent convenience store. Meanwhile, lights for car washes and auto shops may be needed if the facility offers them, as well. 

Here at PrimeLights, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect lighting fixture for your gas station or car wash. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best lights for each gas station lighting application—be it interior or exterior or for a more specific use. 

Exterior Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Gas station canopy lights are among the most sought-after of lighting fixtures for gas stations, and it’s easy to tell why. Fuel island canopies—the structure above pumping service stations that provide shelter and light—are perhaps the most common and congested site of traditional gas stations, and need to be sufficiently lit to stay in operation. That’s where our LED canopy lights for gas stations can be of use. 

Featuring shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and powerful “daylight white” illumination, our LED canopy lights are the perfect lights for the job. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also made in a slim profile with a self-contained driver that saves space, housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum that’s resistant to rust, and sealed-in to be completely dirt and insect proof. In short, they’re the absolute best gas station canopy LED light you can find, and they’re only available from PrimeLights. 

Convenience Store Lights for Gas Stations 

Need lights for inside your gas station convenience store? Interior lighting needs to be bright—but not harsh—so that customers feel secure when shopping and confident about spending. Our LED surface-mountable fixtures are a great light for such environments, as they provide bright light at a significantly low voltage, and, as their name implies, can be easily mounted into standard ceiling junction boxes. 

Car Wash Lights for Gas Stations

Looking for lights for a gas station car wash? We happily offer both vaportight LED fixtures for automatic car washes, which are made of anti-steam lamps, silicone seals, and a full body steel housing. This makes them waterproof as well as dust-proof, and resistant to vapors and extreme temperatures—making them the perfect light for the grimiest of car wash lighting environments. 

Need additional lights for your car wash? We happily offer both bay lighting fixtures for self-serve car washes as well as LED wall packs for illuminating your building's exterior.

Auto Shop Lighting for Gas Stations

Need lights for an auto shop adjacent to your gas station? Auto shop lights are essential for all kinds of mechanical applications—be it to help repairmen maneuver a vehicle at night, do precision work, or find their tools. That’s why we offer a wide range of LED auto shop fixtures—a mix of utility shop lights and energy-efficient high bays—to ensure our customers always have the light they need where and when they need it. 

Bright and durable, our auto shop lighting fixtures are non-combustible and safe to use around hazardous materials, as well as grease, paints, and adhesives. And since they’re made with LEDs, they consume less energy than traditional fixtures.

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