Picking the Correct LED Light Fixture

There are many variables in lighting, such as: Mounting height, Application inside the building, color of the floor and walls, obstacles, etc. We are trying to make your decision making process a little easier here with the following guide. Please read this entire page, then just click on the one that fits your space best. We hope it helps!

Fixture per square foot recommendations:

Each fixture below has it's recommended mounting height, as well as approximately how many fixtures needed per square foot. The mounting heights help you avoid hot spots (concentrated light a small area). These are based on professional light levels of around 70 foot candles of light at a 2.5' work plane. The examples next to the fixtures show what kind of light they will produce with our fixture / sf (square foot) recommendation. Feel free to call us for a professional lighting layout 512-843-1383

Fixtures for the following applications: Workshops, Warehouses, Auto Shops, Big Box / Grocery Stores, Farms, Barns, Ranches, Pole Barns, Machine Shops, Welding Shops, etc.

Recommended Mounting Height:

15' ft. to 28' ft. (1 / 330sf)

LED 6 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 6XL Highbay Fixture 132 Watts Clear
Stingray 6XL (Starting at $162)

10' ft. to 16' ft. (1 / 220sf)

LED 4 Lamp T8 STINGRAY 4XL Highbay Fixture 88 Watt Clear
Stingray 4XL (Starting at $129)

Extra Tips:

  • If you are doing very detailed work, round up on fixtures by an entire row.
  • If you have dark, non-reflective walls & floors, round up on fixtures by an entire row.
  • Anything over 22' high, you should call 512-746-7372 or email us for a free professional lighting layout (or if you simply just want a lighting layout on any project).
  • Stingray 6XL fixtures are brighter and an easy 1 for 1 replacement of 400W Metal Halides & 6 Lamp T5HO Fluorescent.
  • If you want to make your neighbors jealous, round up on fixtures by an entire row.
  • Quantity discounts can be seen on when clicking on the product link.

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